Foggy Recollection

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Tough Times

Making the decision to have a child--It's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~ Elizabeth Stone

It's a difficult time in the home. Jennifer, my wife, begins work tomorrow after a 3 1/2 month layoff taking care of A-Ren. So A-Ren will have his first day of daycare tomorrow. Needless to say it has been a very difficult week. Although, I have been working pretty much ever since he was born, this will be Jenn's first extended separation from Xander. It's been a week of depression and crying and I'm hoping getting the schedule of day care started will help ease some of these feelings.

Needless to say I've ignored the old RNC as much as possible. I have to give my brother, Mark, full credit. Mark is the increasingly loud political voice in my head. I've started watching TV news reports and news talks shows with a bit more cynicism. Spin control is my new favorite buzzword. To me its so interesting what one person derives from a speech while another person get a completely different translation. For instance, I was listening to an interview with Tim Russert on the Today Show (check out the video clips for for the interview with this guy and some interesting tidbits including John McCain's slam on Michael Moore) this morning as I got ready for work. He was describing Sen. John McCain's speech to the RNC last night. He spoke of how, although Sen. McCain is a good friend of John Kerry, he has taken the position of supporting his party and endorsing GWB.Now I'm getting pretty good of reading between the lines of political speeches. To me it sounded as if McCain was saying the bare minimum he could regarding GWB and leaving much up to the listener to translate what his statements meant. Someone like myself actually translated from his speech that he doesn't believe GWB has done the right thing by the American people with Iraq (nevermind the global population) and that he doesn't believe that GWB is a good leader. I'm hoping to find a full transcript of the speech so I can read exactly what he said.

In general I continue to be disappointed in both parties. This bullshit popularity contest of who can sling or deflect the most mud is ridiculous. I don't believe either of these fools can be a good president. Where are my other choices? Why do I only get A and B? Am I the only one who finds them both repellent (GWB more so)? Is anyone going to discuss actual issues? Do I give a flying fart if you were in injured in Vietnam? Do I care about your DUIs and coke habits? Can someone tell me about spending reform I the government and what will be done to control the rampant nepotism in today's US government? Shit man I'm writing in Al Snow for president. At least he'll admit he is just pretending to do a J.O.B.

Latest Entertainment- MXC - Most Extreme Elimination Challenge- Don't mock it. I love the fake gameshow approach. When I need a good laugh after a miserable day, this show never fails to succeed.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bad Blogger! Bad, Bad, Blogger!

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

I'm having one of those weeks where it feels like I'm currently experiencing the longest Monday of my life. I swear I have a great excuse. See...I told you I had a great excuse.

RNC (Republican National Convention) starts up in the coming days. Can't wait for all the news coverage from the protests. Makes for interesting viewing. It already started with one group of naked protestors and a different group of 4 protestors climbing up the outside of the Plaza Hotel and hanging a banner up. It's gonna get fun!

Operation Truth has launched its web site. I've just begun to do a brief overview and read a few of the articles. I'm very interested to read more stories from soldiers and their views regarding the conflict. I commend the website's originators for, as far as I can read, not editing any posts and allowing the soldiers to fully communicate their thoughts and feelings.

Project Billboard is getting some news coverage. It seems they basically buy up billboard space in Times Square and put up some political commentary. I'm not sure what their goal is or where the funding fully derives from, but the cost of war calculator is good food for thought. We can't afford proper education for the nation's youth but we got a few billion to spend to attack other countries. We can't fund new building construction, but we can provide money to drop some tactical warheads in just the right places.

To be fair, I thought I'ld drop a little website from the opposing view point. RNC chairman Ed Guillespie was on the Daily Show with John Stewart and plugged his web site and documentary that he has helped assemble regarding John Kerry's Iraq War record.

I'm sad to see the Olympics wrapping up. I saw the article over at ESPN that disturbed me. I am a sports enthusiast. NBA has never been high on my list as I consider the quality of the basketball played by these overpaid babies as inferior to NCAA basketball. Watching the team that has been assembled play in the Olympics has been unnerving. I don't understand who assembled this team, but there are a series of professional basketball players who would be doing a much better job then some of the "marquee" names that were selected to play.

However, Jason Whitlock, a columnist for the Kansas City Star, seems to have a problem with Americans not supporting Team USA. He goes so far as to call people who don't support Team USA as borderline racist. My opinion, Team NBC (Team USA) was obviously put together to get the biggest "names" to come play and get viewers to watch the games in the states. Guess what? The viewing public figured it out no problem. I root for Team USA (although I would've rooted for Team Portugal first) but I still find them to be the worst combo of basketball players that could've been gathered for this event. I also bitch about my favorite teams when they are not playing to their potential. This doesn't make me a racist. It doesn't make me unpatriotic. It makes me a sports fan.

Today's Entertainment- A-Ren- He is smiling and laughing regularly now. Best entertainment anywhere!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Measuring life by medals

If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide. - Mohandas Ghandi

Another weekend, and nothing is accomplished except for avid Olympic viewing. Even Mr. A-Ren digs the Olympics (he seems to like boxing and volleyball the best). I watched more table tennis, badminton, and trampoline than any one human should be forced to endure. Thank god for soccer and beach volleyball. Three cheers for the Iraqi team on their victory! Love the bicycle kick goal! Make sure you read the article on their views regarding Bush's use of their team for his own political spin.

An article in the local Star Ledger caught my eye today. Army National Guardsman Lt. Paul Rieckhoff, recently returned from Iraq, is starting up a website called Operation Truth which will launch Tuesday. The premise seems very interesting as he promises nonpartisan views of the conflict in Iraq, the effects as witnessed by soldiers stationed there, and the effects on soldiers' families back home. I'm looking forward to what he has to say.

If I read one more article regarding John Kerry's Vietnam exploits or non-exploits, I am going to wretch. More people are coming out of the woodwork trying to nailed down exactly what happened the day he "saved" the life of another soldier (giving him a bronze star) and got injured during combat (giving him his 3rd purple heart). So much attention and ink drawing away our attention from the facts of the upcoming election just to try and decipher what did or did not happen. Hey politicians! We don't give a rats ass about you record when you served. Can you please give me an idea of how you will assist our ever failing educational system?

My dumbass of the week award goes to the people who stole a priceless works of art by Edvard Munch in Norway. I hope it will look lovely on their wall as they take turns hanging it up in their homes right before the police catch them and lock them up for awhile.

On the fun end of things, I found this article on Freddy vs Jason vs Ash laying around the internet. If you are a fan of campy horror like I am, this could be our holy grail.

Gimmie some sugar baby!

Latest Entertainment: HellBoy (DVD) - Fun little action flick. Not deep or revealing... just fun.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Snappy Titles Are Overrated

If someone kills someone thats murder you go to prison... you kill ten people you go to Texas they hit you with a brick, thats what they do. 20 people you go to a hospital and they look at you through a small window forever and over that we can't deal with it... ya know... someones killed a 100,000 people we're almost going WEEEEELL DONE! You've killed a 100,000 people? You must get up very early in the morning. - Eddie Izzard

You ever have the feeling that life is running a bit to fast. I woke up convinced it was Tuesday only to see that it is infact Thursday. It's a real horrible way to begin a day.

As usual, I am not surprised by how some people will feed off of the misery of others. In the aftermath of Hurricane Charlie, complaints are now coming to light regarding price gouging. Did it occur...didn't it occur...well I did witness one thing on the news. During a news report last Friday regarding people preparing for Hurricane Charlie, various images were shown of people purchasing supplies. They showed an image of a store owner who had a series of jars of peanut butter that had price labels on them and she was changing the prices with a marker. You make the call. I wretch at the thought.

My Olympic addiction continues. Table tennis and badminton, normally not a spectator sport, had me enthralled. Should these be considered "sports"? Why not bowling or darts then? I personally will be petitioning for mini-golf as the next Olympic sport (I rule!). Check out the badminton link. The guys look very intimidating. Beware, they may throttle you with their shuttlecocks.

Quick question to anyone from Jersey, have you had your Fat Darrell? When my wife was in the hospital having our child, I passed by the place that sells the Fat sandwiches but I didn't get to enjoy one. Are they any good?

Todays Entertainment: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - *yawn* I don't know why I even watched it. Tonight I'll watch Hellboy

Monday, August 16, 2004

Hypnotized by Television

Television has brought back murder into the home...where it belongs."- Alfred Hitchcock

So I'm back from the family gathering weekend (wife's family by the way) otherwise known as pass the baby. Yes our dear infant was man handled by so many family members I'm sure I will be called by Micheal Jackson's attorney as a character witness in his defense. This weekend will be my side of the family's turn as we gather to celebrate the wedding of our cousin Nancy to her fiance Vinnie. Anywho...

I will be side stepping the McGreevey issue as I'm still digesting a variety of article both in print and on-line media.

I see my brother is as mesmerized by the Olympics as I am and I have to agree the American Basketball team was an embarrassment. They were out played soundly by a very energized and unified Puerto Rican team. My compliments to Carlos Arroyo and the rest of the team.

I find myself enjoying events like rowing. I think the best job on the boat is the coxswain. The coxswain or "cox" is the person "steering" the boat. As the rowers row their little heart out, the cox motivates them. It seems the cox is always on their asses making them go farther and faster. It seems that they all respond to the cox. Feel free to comment on how you feel about being the cox or how you have been motivated by a cox.

As for soccer, you can find me glued to my TV on Wednesday as I try and find any channel that will show me the Portugal Vs Costa Rica game. I think if they tie they still advance. They will have to make due without Boa Morte (Come on Cristiano Ronaldo!).

When I wasn't watching Olympic coverage, I watched as Hurricane Charlie ripped its way up the East Coast. I guess the reality of such a storm hit home when my father-in-law's cell phone went off. As an ex-K9 Cop, he still has his two dogs. When he left them in a kennel for the weekend, he had to sign a waiver regarding the dogs and evacuations. Of course, they live 20 minutes north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and the kennel called to ask him if there was anyone nearby that could come get the dogs as they were evacuating. When the area is evacuated, they are required to contact the owner to get the dogs to safety if they can as per the waiver. If not, the dogs then stay in the kennel as the storm rages around them. It was sad to think of a poor animal in a cage completely disoriented and alone. Just watching my cats during a thunderstorm is enough to cause concern. The puppies are fine. My father-in-law had a friend nearby who picked them up. My thoughts are with the people who are suffering after this violent storm.

Today's Entertainment: Bubba Ho-tep (DVD)- Bruce Campbell strikes again people. Elvis and JFK vs. a mummy. Quite possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I'm renting it again.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Start Slow

I'm a one-man idiot. - Eddie Izzard

Welcome to my little corner of the blog world. If you have been following me over at Bicyclemark's Communique, welcome to the spin-off. I intend to continue the same brand of humor and in depth media coverage.

The country is Greece. The city is Athens. The event is the Summer Olympics. My wife is looking forward to the gymnastics. I'm looking forward to the womens soccer and track and field. According to, the Olympics are also all about bedroom athletics. This is the second article I've read regarding the Olympics and the sexual activities of the athletes. The first article was in Men's Journal which also discussed the fact of how athletes in these competitions are very sexually charged and need to release these energies. I just want to know where all these activities were occuring when I was playing Soccer in High School (the Girl's Swimteam had some cuties). I know it wasn't at band camp (nudge Mark). Also check out this second article on regarding Olympian's need to get nude.

This weekend will be family gathering weekend in the lovely state of Maryland. This will also be the first time most of my wife's family gets to meet our new addition to the family Mr. Xander (A-Ren). Wish me luck. I'm taking some magazines and a copy of the Washington Post.

Latest Entertainment: Starsky and Hutch DVD (Ben Stiller saying "Do It." is highly addictive and could easily slip into my everyday vocabulary.)