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Friday, October 28, 2005


Today's Quote: For every winner, there are dozens of losers. Odds are you're one of them. -

I've been a piss poor blogger. I'm not sure if my apathy has gotten the best of me. Maybe work stress and raising the A-ren is finally starting to beat my energy level down. The problem is that when I stopped blogging I lost my outlet. Nowhere to vent or post drivel. I'm wasting space....

The mighty A-ren has celebrated his Second Halloween last week. In his fiefdom, A-ren has established that Halloween shall be the most holiest of holidays (he will be also announcing the change of Christmas to "Give A-ren Loot Day"). The peasants were pleased and celebrated the day with great zeal. Unfortunately, the tyrant drank a bit much and this shocking photo of A-ren was taken as he left an Inter-species dating party. At his mid-week press conference, it was apparent that he was embarrassed and he promised to keep his hands off of pussy cats.

In news, we are moving. The family shall be crossing the great plains of NJ and moving to..... Fords. Yes a whole 10 minute ride difference. A little more room, a less busy street, and an extra room for Bicyclemark when he visits. Everybody wants a visit from the BM.

I'm on my way to go vote. I'll post my reactions tomorrow after I get the results.

This weeks entertainment - The Rise and Fall of ECW (DVD) - Yes it wrestling. However, this documentary gave a very interesting view of how a wrestling company tried to take on the big boys (WCW and WWE) and how it was literally pushed out of the market into oblivion. The look into the business side was especially revealing... And it had Al Snow!


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