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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bitter Pill to Swallow

"Our country was founded on a distrust of government. Our founding fathers gave power to the people to keep an eye on government. So when politicians say, Trust me, they're actually being very un-American."

-- David Duchovny, Canadian actor, "X Files"

I'm having the sort of week where I want a refund from my place of employment for the piece of my soul that they took from me this week. The very essence of my being is slowly being sucked out my rectum and deposited in a little bottle of formaldehyde they keep near my desk. Any "work" based sanity I had has slowly been drained from me like the fat out of a liposuctioned body of an B-level celebrity desperately holding on to what is left of their 15 minutes. So all in all it's been an average week.

I stopped reading the newspaper and watching the news. I started this practice after I noticed that if I remove anything having to do with the Presidential election or Iraq hype from my viewing and reading regime, I get more done and I don't have to deal with reports about people being beheaded, bombed, maimed, attacked, killed, labeled, discredited, falsely accused, or politically pressured. It nice to see only two newspaper articles and the sports every day. Yes I live in a cloudy haze, but then again my attention is more on Mr A-Ren who has discovered that he enjoys rolling from his belly to his back and back again. (No weeble-wobble comments)

In good news land, I've scored a ticket to Morrissey at Radio City Music Hall. If anyone wants me to throw their phone numbers to him I'll gladly forward it on attached to a nice pair of panties to get his attention. Is it wrong to want him to play some Smiths songs? This was a topic of conversation at lunch today. Should a singer who is just as well known for songs he did with a group play any of said song at a concert where he is promoting his solo material? Can Jon Bon Jovi play "Wanted Dead or Alive" right after he finishes "Blaze of Glory"? Can Velvet Revolver play "Sweet Child O' Mine" or "Plush" after a good rendition of "I Go to Pieces"?
Even better question...Why in the world did I just reference Jon Bon Jovi as a relevant example of a musician in concert?

Ok I need some whiskey.

Latest Entertainment: Mystic River (DVD) and Monster (DVD) - I watched these two lovelies back to back on my Oscar Movie Saturday viewing. Mystic River made me think of a good Law and Order episode. Monster made me think of a Lifetime movie. Neither moved me very much.


  • james,
    it is your cousin daniela.
    i haven't spoken to you in a decade.
    unfortunately, i don't think that could be anymore true.

    and as i was gazing mark's, my good friend and fellow cousineer, blog, i saw your page and got excited.

    and by the way, yes it is wrong wanting great god morrissey to play great god band the smiths.
    no bon jovi shouldnt play anything, whether it be wanted dead or alive, or its my life ...even blaze of glory. i am ashamed.
    velvet revolver was on MTV yesterday. i got tears in my eyes and started contemplating what this world has come to.

    say hello to me, i deserve it.
    love always,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 28, 2004 at 6:15:00 PM EDT  

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