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Monday, August 16, 2004

Hypnotized by Television

Television has brought back murder into the home...where it belongs."- Alfred Hitchcock

So I'm back from the family gathering weekend (wife's family by the way) otherwise known as pass the baby. Yes our dear infant was man handled by so many family members I'm sure I will be called by Micheal Jackson's attorney as a character witness in his defense. This weekend will be my side of the family's turn as we gather to celebrate the wedding of our cousin Nancy to her fiance Vinnie. Anywho...

I will be side stepping the McGreevey issue as I'm still digesting a variety of article both in print and on-line media.

I see my brother is as mesmerized by the Olympics as I am and I have to agree the American Basketball team was an embarrassment. They were out played soundly by a very energized and unified Puerto Rican team. My compliments to Carlos Arroyo and the rest of the team.

I find myself enjoying events like rowing. I think the best job on the boat is the coxswain. The coxswain or "cox" is the person "steering" the boat. As the rowers row their little heart out, the cox motivates them. It seems the cox is always on their asses making them go farther and faster. It seems that they all respond to the cox. Feel free to comment on how you feel about being the cox or how you have been motivated by a cox.

As for soccer, you can find me glued to my TV on Wednesday as I try and find any channel that will show me the Portugal Vs Costa Rica game. I think if they tie they still advance. They will have to make due without Boa Morte (Come on Cristiano Ronaldo!).

When I wasn't watching Olympic coverage, I watched as Hurricane Charlie ripped its way up the East Coast. I guess the reality of such a storm hit home when my father-in-law's cell phone went off. As an ex-K9 Cop, he still has his two dogs. When he left them in a kennel for the weekend, he had to sign a waiver regarding the dogs and evacuations. Of course, they live 20 minutes north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and the kennel called to ask him if there was anyone nearby that could come get the dogs as they were evacuating. When the area is evacuated, they are required to contact the owner to get the dogs to safety if they can as per the waiver. If not, the dogs then stay in the kennel as the storm rages around them. It was sad to think of a poor animal in a cage completely disoriented and alone. Just watching my cats during a thunderstorm is enough to cause concern. The puppies are fine. My father-in-law had a friend nearby who picked them up. My thoughts are with the people who are suffering after this violent storm.

Today's Entertainment: Bubba Ho-tep (DVD)- Bruce Campbell strikes again people. Elvis and JFK vs. a mummy. Quite possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I'm renting it again.


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