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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Start Slow

I'm a one-man idiot. - Eddie Izzard

Welcome to my little corner of the blog world. If you have been following me over at Bicyclemark's Communique, welcome to the spin-off. I intend to continue the same brand of humor and in depth media coverage.

The country is Greece. The city is Athens. The event is the Summer Olympics. My wife is looking forward to the gymnastics. I'm looking forward to the womens soccer and track and field. According to, the Olympics are also all about bedroom athletics. This is the second article I've read regarding the Olympics and the sexual activities of the athletes. The first article was in Men's Journal which also discussed the fact of how athletes in these competitions are very sexually charged and need to release these energies. I just want to know where all these activities were occuring when I was playing Soccer in High School (the Girl's Swimteam had some cuties). I know it wasn't at band camp (nudge Mark). Also check out this second article on regarding Olympian's need to get nude.

This weekend will be family gathering weekend in the lovely state of Maryland. This will also be the first time most of my wife's family gets to meet our new addition to the family Mr. Xander (A-Ren). Wish me luck. I'm taking some magazines and a copy of the Washington Post.

Latest Entertainment: Starsky and Hutch DVD (Ben Stiller saying "Do It." is highly addictive and could easily slip into my everyday vocabulary.)


  • Thats reminds me of Arnold saying "Come on.. DO IT! Kille me.. come'on ... what are you waiting for"

    I love how this A-Ren thing is catchin on. Go get a counter on for your bloggy.

    By Blogger Bicyclemark, at August 14, 2004 at 1:12:00 PM EDT  

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