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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bad Blogger! Bad, Bad, Blogger!

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

I'm having one of those weeks where it feels like I'm currently experiencing the longest Monday of my life. I swear I have a great excuse. See...I told you I had a great excuse.

RNC (Republican National Convention) starts up in the coming days. Can't wait for all the news coverage from the protests. Makes for interesting viewing. It already started with one group of naked protestors and a different group of 4 protestors climbing up the outside of the Plaza Hotel and hanging a banner up. It's gonna get fun!

Operation Truth has launched its web site. I've just begun to do a brief overview and read a few of the articles. I'm very interested to read more stories from soldiers and their views regarding the conflict. I commend the website's originators for, as far as I can read, not editing any posts and allowing the soldiers to fully communicate their thoughts and feelings.

Project Billboard is getting some news coverage. It seems they basically buy up billboard space in Times Square and put up some political commentary. I'm not sure what their goal is or where the funding fully derives from, but the cost of war calculator is good food for thought. We can't afford proper education for the nation's youth but we got a few billion to spend to attack other countries. We can't fund new building construction, but we can provide money to drop some tactical warheads in just the right places.

To be fair, I thought I'ld drop a little website from the opposing view point. RNC chairman Ed Guillespie was on the Daily Show with John Stewart and plugged his web site and documentary that he has helped assemble regarding John Kerry's Iraq War record.

I'm sad to see the Olympics wrapping up. I saw the article over at ESPN that disturbed me. I am a sports enthusiast. NBA has never been high on my list as I consider the quality of the basketball played by these overpaid babies as inferior to NCAA basketball. Watching the team that has been assembled play in the Olympics has been unnerving. I don't understand who assembled this team, but there are a series of professional basketball players who would be doing a much better job then some of the "marquee" names that were selected to play.

However, Jason Whitlock, a columnist for the Kansas City Star, seems to have a problem with Americans not supporting Team USA. He goes so far as to call people who don't support Team USA as borderline racist. My opinion, Team NBC (Team USA) was obviously put together to get the biggest "names" to come play and get viewers to watch the games in the states. Guess what? The viewing public figured it out no problem. I root for Team USA (although I would've rooted for Team Portugal first) but I still find them to be the worst combo of basketball players that could've been gathered for this event. I also bitch about my favorite teams when they are not playing to their potential. This doesn't make me a racist. It doesn't make me unpatriotic. It makes me a sports fan.

Today's Entertainment- A-Ren- He is smiling and laughing regularly now. Best entertainment anywhere!


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