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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Snappy Titles Are Overrated

If someone kills someone thats murder you go to prison... you kill ten people you go to Texas they hit you with a brick, thats what they do. 20 people you go to a hospital and they look at you through a small window forever and over that we can't deal with it... ya know... someones killed a 100,000 people we're almost going WEEEEELL DONE! You've killed a 100,000 people? You must get up very early in the morning. - Eddie Izzard

You ever have the feeling that life is running a bit to fast. I woke up convinced it was Tuesday only to see that it is infact Thursday. It's a real horrible way to begin a day.

As usual, I am not surprised by how some people will feed off of the misery of others. In the aftermath of Hurricane Charlie, complaints are now coming to light regarding price gouging. Did it occur...didn't it occur...well I did witness one thing on the news. During a news report last Friday regarding people preparing for Hurricane Charlie, various images were shown of people purchasing supplies. They showed an image of a store owner who had a series of jars of peanut butter that had price labels on them and she was changing the prices with a marker. You make the call. I wretch at the thought.

My Olympic addiction continues. Table tennis and badminton, normally not a spectator sport, had me enthralled. Should these be considered "sports"? Why not bowling or darts then? I personally will be petitioning for mini-golf as the next Olympic sport (I rule!). Check out the badminton link. The guys look very intimidating. Beware, they may throttle you with their shuttlecocks.

Quick question to anyone from Jersey, have you had your Fat Darrell? When my wife was in the hospital having our child, I passed by the place that sells the Fat sandwiches but I didn't get to enjoy one. Are they any good?

Todays Entertainment: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - *yawn* I don't know why I even watched it. Tonight I'll watch Hellboy


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