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Sunday, October 17, 2004

I Honestly Don't Care

Why did you give me so much desire? When there is nowhere I can go to offload this desire - "I Have Forgiven Jesus" - Morrissey

Frustration is a curious feeling. It doesn't just denote a negative feeling. You can be frustrated about a love that puzzles you. You can be frustrated by a crossword puzzle that has you engrossed. You can be frustrated by any number of ridiculous little things in your life. The real question is what is your frustration and what does it drive you to do? Actions driven by emotion are a tricky thing at best. Most would tell you not to harness "negative" emotions for they will only bring pain. Of course I can tell you harnessing "positive" emotions will also result in this previously stated pain. These emotions or feelings are easily the best source of goals and direction in your life. Anger, love, frustration, and revenge are powerful motivators. The real trick is to recognize what you are being motivated by, recognize that you are being controlled by that emotion, and decide if that is what you really want. I guess I'm just workin through some baggage here... Just wanted to express that.

I went to Radio City Music Hall and I saw Morrissey last Saturday. My lord it was good. To those fans of The Smiths and Morrissey, exchange a body part for a ticket. It was one of the more amazing nights of music I have ever witnessed. Even from the ugly second mezzanine seats, it was difficult not to get wrapped up in the emotion of his songs. His voice sounded amazing and the band was so crisp. He played a great mix of songs. He hit most of "You Are the Quarry", did a few other solo pieces, and did a few Smiths numbers. Hearing "How Soon is Now" and "Big Mouth Strikes Again" live was sooo amazing. I do hope he doesn't retire as he is rumored to be thinking of doing. I would love to hear what direction he takes next. What is with the stage rushing tho. Quick explanation... people seem to enjoy rushing up to the stage, climbing on, and hugging Morrissey or shaking his hand and giving him letters (I hear he loves it when people rush the stage). The three people I saw during my concert perform this act looked completely staged. Seems kind of cheesy when its not spontaneous.

We also took A-ren pumpkin picking this past week. Nothing is cuter than photo-ops with someone who really can't say no (literally he doesn't know the word so I can dress him up in a frog suit and just click away... and yes I have a little frog suit.).

The more you ignore me....the closer I get.....

This Weeks Entertainment- Morrissey...Morrissey...Morrissey (After a good show, you cant help but surround yourself with the music)


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